The Quarry

The Quarry

A continuous effort to re-establish an harmonious accord with the wonderful hills surrounding us, allowing the community to safely enjoy them.
Our aim: sustainable quarrying

The pulsing centre of our activity is represented by the San Pietro - PratoNuovo quarry in Murisengo, currently structured in five levels of underground development and from which high quality gypsum is extracted every day.

The application of the main principles of Mining Art and the ongoing updating of the extraction techniques allow, as far as technically compatible, the maximum enhancement of the deposit and the environmental recuperation of worksites and plants located in the area.

The extracting activity is more and more careful of environmental respect and impact minimisation. Digging goes on in the underground galleries without interfering with the activities taking place above them, in fact the overland is destined to common agricultural cultivations in a perfect symbiosis of both processes.

An ongoing prospecting activity, enhanced by the participation of illustrious academic agencies, allows to drive the development towards the heart of the deposit, where the best mineralogical characteristics can be found, thus avoiding waste. Systematic and periodic checks are carried out on all of the variables at stake, allow an ongoing optimisation of the digging processes.


The careful management and self-imposed rigour have prompted ESTRAZIONE GESSO to structure itself in order to obtain the certifications needed to confirm the conformity of the QMS to the ISO 9001 2008 requirements and of the EMS to the ISO 14001 2004 requirements.

The certification procedure in relation to the safety of workers and places of work is under way, which, mainly as far as the underground environment is concerned, represents an evident demonstration of our coherent rational operativeness.