Sustainable Quarrying

Sustainable Quarrying

Sustainable Quarrying

The extracting activity often draws the public attention only for the negative environmental impact and the land impoverishment caused by operations which are not driven by an echo-sustainable project (denuded, impoverished and never recuperated areas are often associated, in the collective imagination, to the extracting sector).

The project CAVA SOSTENIBILE (Sustainable quarrying) was started with this in mind and the graphics, drawing inspiration from the gypsum formula, witness the actual synergy that has been preserved among the extracted mineral, intended in its representative chemical formula, the "quarrying" activity and the environment.

The aim of the project is to encourage people to see with their own eyes how the extraction process takes place, experimenting the rigorous parameters in terms of quality, safety and respect of the landscape that we adopt on a daily basis.

Nowadays, the prerequisite of a sustainable extracting activity should be bidirectional, this means that it should not only "give" to the external world, in terms of investments or compensations, but also "take" from the outside the needs of a society more and more projected towards the world of tourism and culture , that in our villages hardly would develop due to their restricted offer.

It's obvious that a large underground space, fascinating and attractive, should non represent a mine void, intended as a weight to manage, but as a volume to fill with social events, capable of drawing the right creativity from its uniqueness.

On a periodic basis, therefore, the San Pietro - Prato Nuovo quarry will host multi-thematic, social and cultural initiatives, opportunely included in a touristic network capable of advertising the uniqueness of our territory.


The careful management and self-imposed rigour have prompted ESTRAZIONE GESSO to structure itself in order to obtain the certifications needed to confirm the conformity of the QMS to the ISO 9001 2008 requirements and of the EMS to the ISO 14001 2004 requirements.

The certification procedure in relation to the safety of workers and places of work is under way, which, mainly as far as the underground environment is concerned, represents an evident demonstration of our coherent rational operativeness.