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Present in nature in a soft evaporitic sedimentary mineral form, alabastrine and crystalline calcium sulphate dihydrate commonly known as gypsum is a raw material of fundamental importance in everyday life.

For more than five thousand years gypsum has undoubtedly represented a very significant element of the construction industry (Egyptian civilisation has left us remarkable evidence of its utilisation even in previous eras), moreover recent and modern technological progress has discovered innumerable properties that enable its useful utilisation in various sectors such as agriculture (fertiliser, soil amendment and corrective), pottery (mould creation), healthcare (excipient for pills, plastering and orthodontic impressions), enology (wine plastering), galvanoplastics (charge for material plastics), animal breeding (nutrient salts production and ammonia controlling litter addictive).

Ca SO4 * 2 H2O


It's a natural product extracted from the underground quarry, then crushed and stocked in appropriate covered silos that maintains unaltered their tenor and humidity characteristics.

Thanks to the high level of sulphates, depending on the different sector of development, this product is eligible to be used in the cement manufacturing process: according to the production phase for which it is intended, it acts controlling the setting reaction or with a mineralising action.

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It is a natural product extracted from the underground quarry, subsequently crushed and sieved to retain the purest and more precious granules.

This product is usually stocked in jute sacks or "big bags" and, thanks to its high tenor of gypsum (98%), it is used in the agricultural sector as fertiliser, soil amendment and corrective and manure enhancer.

It's largely employed as an air purifier in stables and livestock farms, thanks to its well known properties, useful for the abatement of the ammonia levels that develop in litter, thus reducing unpleasant smells and the possible diffusion of some infective diseases.

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The denomination "Gesso speciale" identifies the crude and hemihydrate products, all of natural origin, that we are able to produce, thanks to our partnership with sector specialists, to meet the various industrial requirements in terms of granulometry (granulated, micronized or ventilated gypsum), setting capacity (strength, quick/slow setting), of colour (whiteness), density and fluidity of slurry for specific applications.

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The careful management and self-imposed rigour have prompted ESTRAZIONE GESSO to structure itself in order to obtain the certifications needed to confirm the conformity of the QMS to the ISO 9001 2008 requirements and of the EMS to the ISO 14001 2004 requirements.

The certification procedure in relation to the safety of workers and places of work is under way, which, mainly as far as the underground environment is concerned, represents an evident demonstration of our coherent rational operativeness.