Estrazione Gesso S.n.c.

When mining activity means environmental care and territorial improvement.

ESTRAZIONE GESSO is a company that boasts several decades of experience in the mining sector, implementing its know-how in the development and exploitation of a large gypsum deposit located in Murisengo on the Monferrato hills, and in processing the precious extracted material.

The administrative, technical and operational skills characterizing ESTRAZIONE GESSO have been accrued from a company management with a keen interest in environmental, social and marketing requirements that necessarily revolve around the extractive scenario.

Since our company is a small sized one, the majority of our business relations are oriented towards individual clients instead of agencies , and this approach allows us to identify the right response to every event.

The dynamism and constancy of our work team have opened ESTRAZIONE GESSO future perspectives. Our company has been continually updating from the structural and technological point of view, constantly improving its credibility on a market that is more and more demanding in terms of quality, quantity and specificity of products.

The Quarry

The pulsing centre of our activity is represented by the San Pietro - PratoNuovo quarry in Murisengo, currently structured in five levels (go to the section)


Present in nature in a soft evaporitic sedimentary mineral form, alabastrine and crystalline calcium sulphate dihydrate commonly known as gypsum (go to the section)

Sustainable Quarring

The extracting activity often draws the public attention only for the negative environmental impact and the land impoverishment caused by operations (go to the section)


Institutional releases, news about products and events open to the public. In this section you can find an overview of the activities of ESTRAZIONE GESSO (go to the section)


The careful management and self-imposed rigour have prompted ESTRAZIONE GESSO to structure itself in order to obtain the certifications needed to confirm the conformity of the QMS to the ISO 9001 2008 requirements and of the EMS to the ISO 14001 2004 requirements.

The certification procedure in relation to the safety of workers and places of work is under way, which, mainly as far as the underground environment is concerned, represents an evident demonstration of our coherent rational operativeness.